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Love playing harmonica with you, brah. Glad we're living on this incredible island!! I'm enjoying hearing more of your music on your website, too. Keep it coming.......
fantastic music chris !!!!!
Have a great night.
Wow, your music is heartbreakingly beautiful. Thanks to your wife for turning me on to this music. You took me down memory lane with the stuff you were playing at the guitar shop on Saturday. If you ever need any additional collaborators/co-conspirators, just let me know. I play the trumpet and guitar and some keyboard. My musical influences range from Pet Sounds to Miles Davis to Pink Floyd , Nick Drake, Beethoven and other psychedelic collaborations. If you ever find yourself downtown Hilo on Friday, Saturday or Monday, stop by the shop to talk stories or whatever. Aloha!
Good deeds never go unnoticed. You stopped and gave me a ride today. I will never forget you and yours. Ken
Hi Chris, it's been a long time. I am beside myself with joy and peace to hear your music and to know that you are doing well and finally following what you were meant to do, play your music for all to hear, you have always been an amazing musician, very powerful and brutely honest, One of the reasons I always wanted to be around you. Well, just wanted to let you know that I always have and always will support you and your music, I've bought your album and I really enjoy it and 'hear' you in it. You have always been a large part of my life and I have missed you terribly these last 8 or so years. I wish you all the best, a happy life and a peaceful exsistence. Just know, as always, you are always in my memories, my heart and my soul. XXOO ~ Becca
Chris, so good to see you! I love the tunes and I know Tim is going to be stoked when he sees this! Good for you brother! Stay in the light, keep your head held high, and know you are loved!
Great Job Chris, I am a fan. You nailed it with, "Till Its Gone."
Deep Shit! I like it keep up the saddness
Wow, you hit it. Good job, and good luck!
I'm your #1 fan!